Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bringing preppy back

Dear Preppy, where have you been? Gosh, don't get me wrong I do love the vintage, retro, anthropolgie-inspired weddings, but I was really craving some clean lines and bright colors. So, in walks Rebecca into my studio. Many StellaPosy brides are destination brides with a mountain rustic wedding on their minds, however Rebecca is from the good ol' S.L.C. and while she choose the Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley to celebrate her nuptials, she was very clear on what she wanted: simple, clean, fresh, bright and cheerful. Oh yeah, bring it on.

The lemons and limes have a little 2003 vibe to them (is 2003 retro, yet?). Fruits mixed in with flowers was uber-popular right before I started StellaPosy and I can see why. Yellow and green are a phenomonally fresh color palette. Along with the fruit, we created very simple "cloud" of white and yellow flowers for Rebecca. Check out those enormous yellow Deja Vu roses!

Oh, I apologize for the quality of photos. I had to use my iPhone. Once I get the professional photos from Swenson Photography, I will post those!