Monday, January 10, 2011

Utah Bride & Groom Magazine Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Tennis anyone? The "Love Match" spread in the new 2011 issue of Utah Bride & Groom magazine came about last year during my first meeting with photographer Rebekah Westover. (We had worked together on a previous wedding, but like all weddings, we were so wrapped up in getting our jobs done, our paths never crossed the day of). We became instant buddies over coffee that day at Cafe Niche in downtown Salt Lake. Not only were we both passionate about our jobs, but we had both just had our second child. I was just so relieved to commiserate with someone who was balancing a busy work life with an infant who was up every 2 hours like mine.

After all the sleep deprivation chit chat, we finally got to wedding business. I expressed to Rebekah that after all my vintage and/or rustic weddings (which of course, I LOVE), I was really craving a bride that was looking to design a preppy and contemporary wedding. What I had in mind was a cross between Kate Spade prepster and a contemporary contrast the evokes images of Kelly Wearstler's interior design at The Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica (ever been? it is SoCal and so cool).

That's when Rebekah's wheels started turning and she came up with the idea after a phone call with Tessa Wolf at Utah Bride to do an "Inspiration to Reality" article where wedding pros come together to create our own "wedding" based upon this design concept.

What about location? Well, let's just say I had a connection at this oh-la-la private residence.

Here are some of my favorite flower shots from the photo shoot. Enjoy!

Table #1
Close up of table 1. Not just one main centerpiece here. Ever heard of a "tablescape"? Well, here's an example.
Rebekah brought along those yellow chairs and I love what they did for many of the shots. I also dig the reflection in the pool.
The green trellis pillows (and the navy ones on the couch) came from Willa Skye Home at As a side note, the service was superb considering I was begging them to ship just a few days before the shoot. And now I'm enjoying these pillows on MY couch at home.
With the mountain and the reflection of the table in the pool, this is my FAVORITE shot.
I have 3 words for you here: ALPINE EVENT RENTALS. These guys brought out one of their brand new white leather sofas and outomans for the shoot. I've used them for several events, so let me just say, they are hands-down the BEST company for the job. Thanks Shane & Wyatt!
The centerpiece below was so simple and architectural using football mums, mini calla posies, phalaenopsis orchids and steel grass.
The pearls + the pockets + the bow tie = PREPPY love.
Notice on table #2, I stacked a few of the centerpieces on top of empty black vases to give some dimension to the table decor. If I could use phalaenopsis orchid plants (from The Orchid Dynasty) for every wedding, I would.
Funny story about the place settings! I purchased the plates and chargers from World Market. Before the shot started, neighbors were rushing over to check it out. Being interior designers and entertainers (of the food variety, not the other kind of entertainer), they graciously offered up their collections of goblets and silverware. Talk about some snazzy neighbors!

I loved these yellow "tennis balls" on the crystal candlesticks.
My hubby and I have had these darn tennis racquets through several moves between Utah and California and back again. I am so pleased I was finally able to put them to good use.
Game. Set. Match.