Friday, March 12, 2010

Park City Wedding: Winter meets spring

It's about this time of year that I start jonesing for spring to arrive. Don't get me wrong, I adore winter weddings, but March means SPRING, right?

Last weekend, StellaPosy worked with Soiree Productions to design a rustic and classic winter look using bare branches and icicles, warm hues of chocolate and burgundy and a hint of a soft sage green, BUT it also had the perfect spring surprise...cream french tulips peaking out beneath the velvety layer of dahlias. I took these photos below, but I cannot wait to see what Mitch and Ryan of ZumaPhoto captured.

Burgundy dahlia bout with silver brunia and a tiny dahlia bud
How 'bout this combo of chocolate and burgundy dahlias, huh?
K, my photography doesn't do the centerpieces justice, but with the pin-spotting and the candles in the Stein Eriksen Lodge ballroom, the centerpieces were a dramatic creation.
I got several compliments on these boxes I hung from the pews of The Park City Community Church. One person said, "I've never seen anything so beautiful!"
Soiree didn't give us any guidelines on these lovely little cocktail table centerpieces, so we went a little vintage-y and old-fashioned here with the Sahara roses, lambs ear, cream dahlias, and Black Beauty roses on the champagne lamour linen.

Friday, March 5, 2010

The StellaPosy Difference: The Mock-Up

Going into our 6th wedding season, I'm very confident that we offer a service that most floral designers don't offer...a mock-up. While it benefits the clients to see what is to be delivered the day of the wedding, it greatly helps me to sleep better the night before the wedding knowing that the client knows what to expect. A few months before your event, we can put together a mini-version of the bridal bouquet for your bridal photos or as in the example below, we can do a centerpiece mock-up.

Here is a mock-up I did for a rehearsal dinner coming up this April at Empire Canyon Lodge in Deer Valley. This is what I interpreted from the bride telling me she wanted something bright to go with the "dressy denim" theme. By hiring StellaPosy, you put a ton of trust into our hands to transform your words into a floral piece of art. Well, I've developed a thick skin running my own business and because of this, I don't mind at all if the client tells me its not what they envisioned. And in this case, that is exactly what happened!

Fortunately, this bride and groom happen to be one of my favorite couples EVER and hearing them say that this was not what they were thinking wasn't heartbreaking. In fact, by offering up this mock-up, the 3 of us were better able to pinpoint what they wanted. Stay tuned to see what the final product looks like in April...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hindu wedding at Deer Valley

You just have to enjoy these photos from Nick Sokoloff of our Valentine's Day wedding at Stein Eriksen Lodge. Soiree Productions and StellaPosy designed an extravagant and lush garden feel on the mandap and centerpieces using phaleonopsis orchids, hanging amaranthus, hydrangea, oriental lillies and smilax vine. By using all white flowers, the jewel-toned colors of the ceremony really pops, doesn't it?

You must check out Soiree's blog and Nick's blog for more stunning photos!!