Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Wow: What does all this hoopla mean for Utah brides?

As I watched the Royal Wedding I was transported to a younger freckled-face version of me getting goose bumps while watching a Disney fairy tale. Today, I had butterflies seeing the future Queen of England with her cool-as-a-cucumber face walk down the aisle to the sound of the glorious church bells clanging in the background.

First off, the dress. I LOVED it! It was classic, yet modern and modest, yet fitted and a bit sexy with the see-through lace and the plunging neckline. Tailored, yet feminine as well. We will be seeing versions of Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen's gown for years. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see it this year walking down the aisles of some our Utah venues. Unlike Princess Diana's over-the-top (some might throw in the word "cream puff" here) gown, the style of Kate's dress is gracefully understated and thus, less-expensive versions of this dress will be very accessible to the average wedding gown consumer (or "commoner" if you would like to practice your British accent here). Bridal boutiques, stock up on this one.
The flowers....thumbs up! reports, "Shane Connolly, the florist responsible for decorating Westminster Abbey with eight maple trees, also designed Kate Middleton's gorgeous bouquet. Kate requested the wedding theme to be 'unpretentious, simple and natural,' which is also reflected in her flower arrangement."

Royal Wedding Flower Trends? Number one: smaller is better. Number two: all-white bouquets are here to stay. The mix of the lily of the valley and the hyacinth in her bouquet must have smelled like an English country garden in the spring.

Debonaire. 007. End of story.
Now, for the evening gown. Sorry to say this, but I was anticipating something a little more mermaid shape and less 'cute'. I think she could have gone for a little more pizzaz, however Kate can wear a paper sack and still look amazing, so I'll give her this one.
On the other hand, the evening gown on sister Pippa is GORGEOUS! (Here's a piece of advice to anyone getting a spray tan for their wedding. Try it a few times BEFORE you actually need the tan.)

If there was any question before about Kate Middleton being a style icon, then after this Royal Wedding she has sealed the deal. The best part of her display of simple modernity with classic regal touches is that, like photos of Grace Kelly's wedding, this wedding style is truly timeless.

Beyond the aesthetics of any wedding, the most valuable lesson Kate has given future brides-to-be is this. Your wedding style should interpret who YOU are above all else. Obviously I don't know Kate personally, but what I could interpret from her wedding style is that she did not give in to the pomp-and-circumstance of the crown she's wearing. And while she's not a rogue among the army of royals, her unpretentious bouquet and modern dress leads me to think she's a little bit of a rebel to tradition. Kate has left her style stamp on history, so if your a bride-to-be reading this, what's your style stamp going to be?

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