Friday, March 9, 2012

STELLAposy: Bummer deal

On top of doing my taxes, then having my dentist give me a crown, my week has been less than stellar. This time last week, the reigns of my little flower company was about to be taken over by someone new. This someone was...well, perfect. She was professional, bright, charismatic and—the best part of all—passionate for weddings. In the 11th hour, she wasn't sure she could take the torch and thus, my heart was broken.

You see, I was thrilled to have someone come along and take StellaPosy to a new level, something I simply could not do with a new job and family responsibilities.

I understand its not an ideal time to buy a business. Or is it? I've heard from other wedding vendors that they are busy this year. Like, really busy. By no means is it 2007 (oh, the glory days), but the beehive of weddings is starting to buzz.

In an effort to cheer me up, my sweet husband told me that it must have not meant to be. This, by the way, is really hard for him to say because he doesn't believe this type of mumbo jumbo. So, who knows? Maybe StellaPosy will remain my treasure, my brand. Or maybe there's someone else out there whose dream it is to have a flower business.

But I digress. It's the weekend and the sun will be shining. A sweaty run to some good tunes should be the prescription needed to clear the clutter in my mind.

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